Our Constitution

Our Constitution




Mindful  of law N° 99/014 of 22/12/1999 relating to the creation of a Non-Governmental Organisation and law N° 92/006 of 14/08/1992 relating to the freedom of Association and decree N° 92/455/PM of 23/11/1992 regulating and governing public meetings and procedure and

  • Desirous of a need to form a Non-Governmental Organisation
  • Conscious of the benefits to be derived from such a Non-Governmental Organisation;
  • Conscious of the benefits such an investment group can bring to the members and the community;
  • We Cameroonian ladies have decided to submit ourselves into a non-Governmental organisation
  • It shall however remain established that all activities of this association and the working shall be in accordance to the constitution and as such it shall remain the legislative and judicial arm of the organization.
  • All members shall have equal rights and obligations.
  • The privacy of the organization shall however remain inviolate. No interference shall be allowed except by virtue of decision emanating from the founders of the organization.
  • We therefore call on all the members to pledge their loyalty and respect to this arm. This shall be the only document to control all the affairs of the association both internally and externally






Article 1:        NAME

The Association shall be called DIVAS Humanitarian and Development Association (DIVAS – HDA).


Article 2:        NATURE

The group shall be a Non-Governmental Organisation

Article 3:        MOTTO

Love, Solidarity and Progress


The headquarters is BUEA, South West Region, Cameroon.

Article 5:        OBJECTIVES


DIVAS Humanitarian and Development Association seeks to empower woman, underprivileged youth and orphans socially and economically with the aim of promoting education, Health care, Self-reliant and environmental welfare.


To promote and provide formal and informal education to children in need:

To provide Psycho-social support to the destitute and neglected orphan children;

To provide life skills vocation and Career guidance;

To improve on functional literacy in poor communities

To encourage environmental are and sustainability

To provide small equipment and material support to small ill equipped health establishments

To provide sensitization on health hazards and medical awareness in Cameroon

To provide training on how to conserve the environment

To build strong relationships with organizations that share our Aims and goals



Article 6: General provision and mission statement

DIVAS – HDA is an empowerment association that sets out to empower women and underprivileged kids through social and economic empowerment programs.

Our mission is to contribute to the overall greater development and promote self-reliance of the under privileged, thus improving quality and sustainability of life in Cameroon and beyond.

Article 7 : Membership

  1. Membership is open to Cameroonian’s women irrespective of religion, cultural or linguistic background, who have the heart to promote women and underprivileged kids empowerment. All members should not be less than 18years of age
  2. Membership is gained upon a non-refundable registration fee
  3. Every member shall pay an annual subscription due by January of each year
  4. There shall be monthly meetings to evaluate and deliberate and plan for the smooth and successful running of the organization
  5. Members shall be liable to attend meetings, presentations and/or reports per the approved period by the General Assembly
  6. Meetings shall be chaired by the President/MD who is the head of the administrative unit, she can however delegate power to any other member of the Executive bench to perform her function
  7. The top executive members shall meet quarterly to deliberate and evaluate all the affairs of the organization

Article7 (a): Loss of membership

  1. If any member willfully resign
  2. If anybody becomes mentally incapacitated
  3. If any member involve in tarnishing the image, dignity and interest of the organization
  4. Failing to pay the annual subscription of a new year
  5. If any member becomes inactive towards the development of the organization for up to one year
  6. If any member misappropriate the organization’s money
  7. If any member becomes absent in three (3) consecutive meetings of the general assembly. If any member violates the rules and regulations of the organization, or disregard the rules of the organization, involve in tarnishing the reputation, image and anti-organizational activities, or involve in anti-activities related to organizational constitution.

 Article 7(b): Regaining membership

Membership can be regained through an apology, re-application, and payment of debts and signing of undertakings with the organization through the President/MD.



Article 8: Executive board members

DIVAS – HDA shall have a general assembly and an executive committee ;

All members shall make up the general assembly;

The Executive committee will be charge with the day-to-day management and co-ordination of DIVAS – HDA activities;

The following members shall consist of the top of the organization

  • The President/MD
  • Vice President
  • Secretary General
  • Vice Secretary General
  • Financial Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Project Officer
  • Public Relation Officer
  • Adviser
    • Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for a two-year term of Office renewal once;
    • All registered members of DIVAS – HDA are eligible for election into any office;
    • In the event of expulsion or resignation of an executive committee member, the executive committee may co-opt a member from the general body to fill the vacancy whereat the group shall hold by elections to fill in the vacancy thus created;


Article 9:        DUTIES OF OFFICERS


i           The president shall be the the vision bearer of DIVAS – HDA Rules and Regulations; and shall ensure that the said rules are upheld and enforced fairly and equitably

ii         As the general overseer, she shall ratify and negotiate internal and external (national and international) affairs on behalf of the organization.

iii        The president shall manage, coordinate and control all the activities of the association for better realization of the objectives of the organization in all domains and at all times.

iv        Ensure compliance with the constitution, rules and regulations of the organization, defend and protect members’ rights and ensure the smooth running of the organization.

v          The president shall preside over all regular monthly meetings as well as extraordinary meetings of DIVAS – HDA;

vi         The president shall represent DIVAS – HDA in all matters or may delegate such duties within the scope of her office as she deems fit;

vii       She shall be a co signatory to the DIVAS – HDA account and approve request for loans

  • Vice President:

i           Shall work closely with the President to take care of matters that cut across all the internal and external services and the liaison offices



i          Under the authority of the office of the Secretary General elected by the general assembly, shall be responsible for the smooth running of the secretariat working in close collaboration with the President to meet the association’s objectives.

ii         Under the authority of the Secretary General, shall be in charge of recording, processing, distribution, classification and monitoring of confidential mails or documents

iii        Shall organize tasks and movement of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and represent the association in all domains and at all levels as deem by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

iv         The Secretary General be responsible for drafting all internal and external correspondences of the group;

v          The Secretary General shall read out to members minutes of previous meetings at each session;

vi         The Secretary General shall distribute all correspondences when need arises


  1. Shall work closely with the Secretary General to take care of matters that cut across all the internal and external services and the liaison offices




i           The financial secretary as one of the main signatory to the organizations’ account, shall record, sign and update all financial affairs and thus receive money from the organization and hand over the money to the treasurer to pay same to the account of the organization within 48 hours;

ii         The financial secretary as the head of the finance department, shall make demands of the organization’s expenses within 7days and present to the President for endorsement.

iii        The financial secretary Shall during the half yearly, and end of year, report on the financial expenses of all activities, projects and shall summit financial report for audit control when need arise in the domain of income, expenditure, and shall present projects for financing and motivation.




i           The treasurer shall sign out from the financial secretary any money paid in;

ii         The treasurer shall deposit the money collected to the bank not later than five working days after receipt of the money;

iii        The treasurer shall make disbursements of loans and other payments subject to the president’s approval;

iv         The treasurer shall be a co-signatory to the DIVAS-HDA account;




i     Under the authority of the Programs Officer, elected by the general assembly, shall oversee, monitor and evaluate all programs and projects of the association from conceptualization to implementation under the general supervision of the President.

ii    Shall take full part in the design and implementation of feasible projects of the association

iii  Shall co-sign all partnership or projects with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) when need be

iv   Shall forward report of all activities within 2days and as soon as 3-5 days immediately after the implementation of each project to the board and or the Chairman.

v    Shall forward report of all activities within 2days and as soon as 3-5 days immediately after the implementation of each project to the board and or the Chairman;

vi   Shall be responsible for receiving any humanitarian materials and report to the office for onward transmission to the appropriate quarters as stipulated;



i           The publicity secretary shall handle all protocol and public relation matters of the group;

ii         Shall publicize, make proposals on projects, develop activities to build the image of the group;

iii         Shall act as a liaison officer whenever need arises;

iv         Shall be assisted by all members who shall in their individual capacity act as ambassadors of DIVAS;


i           She shall coordinate all social events (Marriages, Birth celebrations, funerals etc) of the group;

ii         The Social secretary shall ensure discipline during monthly meetings and sanction;




Article 10: Deeds and Requirements

  1. All members are expected to register with a non-refundable fee as agreed by the general assembly
  2. There shall be no educational qualification requirement to gain membership into the association and or any post of responsibility
  3. In any case, all aspiring members shall fully be approved upon payment of non-registration fee decided by the General Assembly of DIVAS – HDA.

Article 11: Finances

  1. The financial strength of the association shall be backed by:
  2. Annual member dues of 20.000fcfa
  3. Contributions from members
  4. It shall however remain that all the financial transactions of the association shall be for the interest of the vision per the objectives set forth in this document
  5. A commission will be set at the end of each financial year to audit the account of the association;

Article 12: Bank Account

DIVAS – HDA shall open a bank account in any bank of its choice and signatories to this account shall be:

  1. The President
  2. The Treasurer
  3. The Secretary General




ARTICLE 13:    Annual General Meetings

  1. General assembly meetings shall be held once a month precisely on the third (3rd) Sunday of each month beginning at 1:00 PM;
  2. Extraordinary meetings shall be convened by the president/MD whenever need arises;
  3.  Meetings shall be chaired by the President or any other representative appointed by the President
  4. The meetings shall be hosted by members either their residences or place of their choice;
  5. The host shall provide modest entertainment;
  6. The General Assembly meetings will be receiving a report and presentation of the last financial month’s accounts from the Treasurer on the finances of the organization.
  7. The General Assembly meetings will be accepting proposals for way-forward from members
  8. The quorum for General assembly meetings shall be at least eight (8) persons of which no more than three (3) shall be executive members.
  9. The written language shall be English while spoken shall be English.

Article 14: Elections

  1. All members of the executive board shall be elected by the general assembly, considering commitment of the member to the objectives of the association.
  2. Only registered members are eligible to stand for elections for any posts of responsibilities
  3. The term of office of an executive member is for a period of 2 years renewable twice.

Article 14a: Electoral Qualification

  1. Elections eligibility is open to registered members of the association who have served in the association for at least 1year or more.
  2. Any member shall be entitled to have her name on electoral register, except in institutions where she is convicted by felony, an ex-convict, one subject to warrant of arrest, traces of insanity and when a member is not of sound mind.
  3. Elections shall be at the general assembly meeting held at the end of the year and shall be chaired by an elected body (ELECDIV) who will help in the electoral management.


Article 14b: Termination of Post of Responsibility

The duties of the executive members shall be terminated for at least one of the following reasons:

  1. Non-renewal of term of office
  2. Resignation or death
  3. Penalty imposed for felony (fixed term of imprisonment with banishment and civic disqualification
  4. Physical or mental incapacity duly established by the executive and/or the President

Article 15:      DISCIPLINE

  • This section applies to every member irrespective of her position: DIVAS shall be expected to carry out all their activities with the following as watch dogs:
  • honesty
  • respect of group’s rules and regulations
  • Tolerance
  • commitment
    • Sanctions will range from warnings, fines, suspension or dismissal depending on the gravity of the offence;
    • Whatever an offence a member is accused of, the accused member is given room to make a statement;
    • Whatever decisions are taken with reference to sanctions, the decision has to be as unanimous as possible ( all members should agree to the closest as possible);
    • The executive President shall however have exercise executive authority based on the moral, legal code and good conscience whenever need arises;




Article 16: Article of dissolution

In case of dissolution, the organization shall through the top executives, deliberate and donate its items to an organization with similar objectives or charitable organization.

Article 17: Amendment

  1. Any motion to alter any article of this constitution shall be through writing, addressed to the President and/or the executive board for deliberations within a period of 52 clear days before the December General Assembly.
  2. No amendment shall be admissible except with the approval from the General assembly.

Article 18: Final Provisions

  1. All provisions to amend certain parts or the entirety of this constitution are hereby repealed and this law shall remain the legislative and judicial arm of the association and thus the people of DIVAS – HDA – Cameroon shall be liable to respect its norms with the approval of the President.
  2. This law shall be registered, published according to the procedure of urgency and shared to all executive members of the association.

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