Visit to the Grace of God Orphanage

Visit to the Grace of God Orphanage

DATE: 5th September, 2009

Objectives: Providing material and moral support.

Report on Activity:

The DIVAS ladies arrived the orphanage and were welcomed by the kids and management. The ladies brought mattresses and beddings, given that management had indicated the need for the above mentioned items. The beds were made up by the ladies, while clothing and some food stuff were offered.  The children in appreciation presented a thank you song, dance and  a sketch

Outcome:  DIVAS ladies left the orphanage with tears of joy. They were touched by the kid’s anxiety and excitement to sleep on their new sheets and mattresses.

Farewell greetings were exchanged and the ladies promised to be back.

Objectives: To Provide Moral, Material and financial support to the orphans

Report on Activity: DIVAS ladies visited the Grace of God Orphanage for the first time in 2007. The outcome of the visit   spurred the ladies to reschedule another visit

Members assembled at the venue and were received by the head of the orphanage. The children entertained the ladies with drama, singing and dancing.

Considering the request of the kids, a television set, food stuffs and toiletries were offered.

Outcome: Materially the television set provided to the orphans was quite symbolic, as it was the first time that a gift of such nature was donated to the children. The gifts a long way to nourish the children.

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