Visit to the Bulu Blind Center

Visit to the Bulu Blind Center

DATE: 8th February, 2008(To  Commune and Donate Food Stuffs)

Venue: Bulu Blind Center campus mile 16

Objectives: The visit was aimed at providing material support to improve on the living standards of the children . The ladies went there with a message of love and hope for these underprivileged children.

Report on Activity:

The center for the Blind is situated in the South West Region of Cameroon, precisely in Buea.It has been in existence for quite some time now. The group in their continuous quest for assistance to the needy decided to stretch their arms to the blind children in Bulu.

The representative of the Director welcomed the ladies on behalf of the Center. A speech was presented by the head of the blind children; this was followed by singing, and news presentation. DIVAS ladies joined the blind children in singing songs of praise to God and in some of the songs they thanked God even for their blind State. By dancing and singing with the children DIVAS ladies in a way made them forget their blind state. From the writing on the hall which says Treasure every life, value every blind person, DIVAS is trying to live up to expectation in the little they came to share with the visually impaired.

Outcome:  The ladies were thrilled by the exhibition of talents and skills by the children.  The message of love and a brighter tomorrow was well taken by the children. On departure, one of the children who was in class seven and pleaded that DIVAS should support him by paying his tuition in college which was given a positive response.

Farewell greetings were exchanged and the ladies promised to be back.

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