Visit to the Buea Regional Hospital

Visit to the Buea Regional Hospital

DATE:  27th September 2007(To Donate Medication and Tioleteries to Needy Patients)

Objectives: The visit was aimed at providing moral and material support to needy inpatients at the Buea regional hospital.

Report on Activity: Delegations of DIVAS ladies were mandated to inform the Director of the BUEA REGIONAL HOSPITAL of the group’s planned visit to donate basic items to inpatients. The Director appreciated the idea and confirmed that the hospital had desperate patients who could not afford for their basic needs, not to talk of medication. He assisted the DIVAS ladies identify those very destitute patients and their needs.

On the 23rd of June 2007 at exactly 10: am all members assembled at the hospital premises ready for the visit. All the hospital wards were visited in turns after which a prayer was offered and the gifts were then handed to the patients.

Outcome:  At the end of the day we left even the critical patients with  a smile and hope in their hearts.  It is worth mentioning that the group would have loved to go further to provide medication but for their limited funds. The ladies left desperate patients still waiting for DIVAS next soft touch. A soft touch that will come fully with external support, “your support”.

Budget: The sum of 200.000 Frs was used for the activity


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