Visit to RHEMA Grace Orphanage

Visit to RHEMA Grace Orphanage

DATE:  16th January 2011

Objectives: Providing material and moral support.

Report on Activity:

Members assembled at the venue and were welcomed by Reverend Mary Ayuk, her collaborators and the children. Prayer was led by one of the sisters of the orphanage. There after Rev. Mary Ayuk gave a background history of the orphanage. She said it was founded in April 1998, by Rev. Bate Tataw Mercy, with a total enrolment of seventy eight (78) children among whom are sixty two (62) internally and sixteen (16) external. The external students carry out activities such as mechanics and metal work.  The ages of the children range between a day old and twenty years. For those who attend formal education, internally arrangements have been made with specific teachers, and lectures are given daily. Two of the students are in the University of Buea. Apart from formal education, these children also carry out extracurricular activities like farming, petty trading etc.


  • 100% orphans i.e. both parents are dead.
  • 50% orphans i.e. one of the parent is alive but handicapped.
  • Abandoned children.
  • Handicapped  parents e.g. visually  impaired


  • Shortage of food i.e. a bag of rice is consumed for three days.
  • Insufficient foodstuff like plantains, cocoyam and yams.
  • Shortage of water and electricity and the use of a generator as a source of power have not been constant since fuel cannot be afforded regularly.

There was a question and answer session between the ladies and the children/management.

The gifts of food stuff, toiletries, clothing, beddings and basic medication brought by the DIVAS ladies was handed to the management of the orphanage.

The ladies sang and danced with the children and members departed at 4: pm.

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